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Restoring health naturally!

We wanted to share our two newest success stories with you, our patients.  Our purpose is to restore health naturally and to improve the health of future generations.  We love stories like these that illustrate our purpose so clearly!


“I have been considering the Nutritional Response Program for a number of years. As I am in overall very good health and did not have significant health concerns to address, I did not feel urgency in starting the program, though I had set it as a goal.

After losing my brother to cancer in December, I decided it was time to make the commitment to the program in order to do everything in my power to live healthfully.

My major ailment was chronic sinus headaches. I woke daily to congestion headaches and had been taking OTC pseudoephedrine on a daily basis for YEARS. Each year I would discuss this with my PCP, who assured me there was no danger or detriment to my health. I knew in my heart and mind that this didn’t make sense. I wanted to stop treating the symptoms, and start alleviating the problem. I wasn’t sure that a nutritional response program would make a difference, but I felt it was worth trying.

After a few short weeks on a program with Dr. Doug, I was off pseudoephedrine completely. I do not wake up with headaches, as I have done for years! I am off the drugs because I do not need the pain or congestion relief. The changes in my diet were minimal and easy to adapt. Keeping the food log, keeps me accountable and thoughtful about what I put in my mouth. Overall the biggest change I have made is more protein and less carbohydrates.

My secondary complaint was adult acne. I have seen an improvement in this area. Not completely eliminated, but less serious and less frequent break outs. I also do not see the rising and falling of energy levels throughout the day and am not having the 4 o’clock slump of wanting a nap or a chocolate fix.

I am interested to see where this will take me. At some point, I would expect changes and a reduction in the supplements I am taking, understanding of course that our foods are not as nutritionally sound as we would hope. ”  -MBT


A picture is worth a thousand words they say…so if you’d like the photo version of this story about healing from severe eczema, please click here (it will download onto your computer)…

Max’s story (1)

“My son Maximilian is 5 months old and has been a nutrition and chiropractic patient of Dr. Jen’s from his first days of life. Max has struggled with severe eczema for most of his short little life. Many people think of eczema as a few patches of dry skin here and there. For most people, that is true. But for Max it means head to toe red, dry, scaly, cracked and oozing skin. There have been times where he didn’t have a clear patch of skin on his whole body. The bacteria on his skin that is benign for most people caused him constant inflammation and infection. He even had to be on antibiotics and steroids for awhile because the infection and inflammation got so bad. Because of his constant discomfort, he was always a terrible sleeper, oftentimes waking up every hour all night for nights on end. The constant bacterial infection led to 2 ear infections, one after the other. Needless to say, his first months of life have been incredibly challenging for Max and for his parents! Watching him cry and itch his skin until it bled was heartbreaking.

Dr. Jen, Stephanie, Jenn Browner, and all of the staff have been so very supportive throughout all of this! After trying some dietary changes through my nutrition program to improve my breastmilk for Max, we didn’t see too much of an improvement with his skin. After his second ear infection, Dr. Jen decided to dig deeper and found that Max was a candidate for the allergy clearing program. He showed allergies to almost every item in the allergy kits. About 6 weeks ago, we started the allergy clearing.

We’re almost half way through the program and the change and improvement we’ve seen with our sweet boy is AMAZING. After about 3 weeks, we started to see improvements in the severity of his eczema. It started disappearing. I have used over a dozen different creams and lotions on Max’s skin, multiple times per day for his entire life. At this point, his skin is so dramatically improved, I’m only using coconut oil and an all natural ointment and only use it after bath time! He’s finally sleeping like a “normal” 5 month old- just waking us up a couple times per night for a snack!

The biggest change that we are so grateful for is that his temperament has taken a complete 180. Max has been so uncomfortable, itchy and painful his whole life that he was almost constantly crabby and tense. Now, he is SUCH a happy and relaxed boy. He’s catching up developmentally on all of his skills and plays so peacefully with us! Sometimes, when I’m putting lotion on Max, I’m moved to tears because of how clear and soft his skin is becoming. After seeing him suffer for so many months and feeling so helpless to do anything, it feels amazing to be able to help him!

We’re so grateful for this journey and for Lakeland!” -KH

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