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Nutrition Response Testing?

By using whole food supplements we can precisely support those areas and help your body to work at its best.Nutrition Response Testing? is a system that allows us to zero in on what areas of your body are under stress and what is causing that stress.

Jennifer Browner, our nutrition office manager and patient advocate, is here as a resource and support for our patients throughout their nutritional programs.

Please feel free to download and/or print the following brochures for additional information:

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What Our Patients Are Saying…

Better Quality of Life

My son Maximilian is 5 months old and has been a nutrition and chiropractic patient of Dr. Jen’s from his first days of life. Max has struggled with severe eczema for most of his short little life. Many people think of eczema as a few patches of dry skin here and there. For most people, that is true. But for Max it means head to toe red, dry, scaly, cracked and oozing skin. There have been times where he didn’t have a clear patch of skin on his whole body. The bacteria on his skin that is benign for most people caused him constant inflammation and infection. He even had to be on antibiotics and steroids for awhile because the infection and inflammation got so bad.

Because of his constant discomfort, he was always a terrible sleeper, oftentimes waking up every hour all night for nights on end. The constant bacterial infection led to 2 ear infections, one after the other.  Needless to say, his first months of life have been incredibly challenging for Max and for his parents! Watching him cry and itch his skin until it bled was heartbreaking.

Read more »

Dr. Jen, Stephanie, Jenn Browner, and all of the staff have been so very supportive throughout all of this! After trying some dietary changes through my nutrition program to improve my breastmilk for Max, we didn’t see too much of an improvement with his skin.  After his second ear infection, Dr. Jen decided to dig deeper and found that Max was a candidate for the allergy clearing program. He showed allergies to almost every item in the allergy kits. About 6 weeks ago, we started the allergy clearing. We’re almost half way through the program and the change and improvement we’ve seen with our sweet boy is AMAZING.

After about 3 weeks, we started to see improvements in the severity of his eczema. It started disappearing. I have used over a dozen different creams and lotions on Max’s skin, multiple times per day for his entire life. At this point, his skin is so dramatically improved, I’m only using coconut oil and an all natural ointment and only use it after bath time! He’s finally sleeping like a “normal” 5 month old- just waking us up a couple times per night for a snack! The biggest change that we are so grateful for is that his temperament has taken a complete 180.

Max has been so uncomfortable, itchy and painful his whole life that he was almost constantly crabby and tense. Now, he is SUCH a happy and relaxed boy. He’s catching up developmentally on all of his skills and plays so peacefully with us! Sometimes, when I’m putting lotion on Max, I’m moved to tears because of how clear and soft his skin is becoming. After seeing him suffer for so many months and feeling so helpless to do anything, it feels amazing to be able to help him!

We’re so grateful for this journey and for Lakeland!

What was it like before you came in to see us?
Bad! It was hard getting through a couple hours of a day, let alone the entire day. I felt extremely stressed, depressed and emotional. Anything set me off and I had a very hard time conducting myself in a normal manner at work. The thought of having to go to work and deal with my emotional self and other people made me more emotional, stressed and it was a vicious cycle I could not escape. I felt very down on myself and negative, which is the complete opposite of who I have been my whole life. This was severely affecting my person and professional life.

How is it now?
I feel a lot better. At my low there were days I could not stop crying for hours. Now, I don’t think I have cried in-I cannot even remember. I am able to handle stress much better and feel like I can think clearly. I have always been a creative person and during this hard time it almost felt like my brain was blank, just existing there. I am able to be much more efficient at my personal and professional life. I feel much less “crazy” and more myself and I know my friends and family can begin to see it as well. I also feel better all around; I sleep better, have more energy and also know I am making better choices which are becoming habits. (Although some of that may be attributed to Dr. Doug and Jenn B. seeing that I ate that candy bar and me feeling guilty ?) Collectively I know the whole food supplements, better eating habits and support has helped improve my life TREMENDOUSLY.


I have been considering the Nutritional Response Program for a number of years. As I am in overall very good health and did not have significant health concerns to address, I did not feel urgency in starting the program, though I had set it as a goal.
After losing my brother to cancer in December, I decided it was time to make the commitment to the program in order to do everything in my power to live healthfully.”Read
My major ailment was chronic sinus headaches. I woke daily to congestion headaches and had been taking OTC pseudoephedrine on a daily basis for YEARS. Each year I would discuss this with my PCP, who assured me there was no danger or detriment to my health. I knew in my heart and mind that this didn’t make sense. I wanted to stop treating the symptoms, and start alleviating the problem. I wasn’t sure that a nutritional response program would make a difference, but I felt it was worth trying.
After a few short weeks on a program with Dr. Doug, I was off pseudoephedrine completely. I do not wake up with headaches, as I have done for years! I am off the drugs because I do not need the pain or congestion relief. The changes in my diet were minimal and easy to adapt. Keeping the food log, keeps me accountable and thoughtful about what I put in my mouth. Overall the biggest change I have made is more protein and less carbohydrates.
My secondary complaint was adult acne. I have seen an improvement in this area. Not completely eliminated, but less serious and less frequent break outs. I also do not see the rising and falling of energy levels throughout the day and am not having the 4 o’clock slump of wanting a nap or a chocolate fix.
I am interested to see where this will take me. At some point, I would expect changes and a reduction in the supplements I am taking, understanding of course that our foods are not as nutritionally sound as we would hope.


What was it like before you came in to see us?
There was a lot of hormone instability; not sleeping, hot flashes, joint pain. I also had sinus/allergy issues constantly, as well as digestion issues.

How is it now?
My sinus and allergy issues are under control and not bothersome. My thyroid and hormone challenges are stable with no issues. My diet choices control the digestion issues. -DW

“Before I came in to the clinic, my blood sugar testing was higher than normal. I felt tired all the time and I had a lot of arthritis (osteo) pain. Now, my A1C numbers and my fasting blood sugar are in a good range. My pain has decreased! I notice that my pain increases when I eat what is on my ‘do not eat’ list. I also notice a big difference in overall energy when I eat what is best for me!”
“Before starting my nutritional program, I was tired all of the time. Despite getting 9 hours of sleep each night, fatigue kept me from enjoying my life. Now, I have way more energy! I also have more self control over my eating. I have gradually incorporated healthier food choices and exercise into my daily life because of this program.”
“Before I came to see Dr. Jenn I was extremely fatigued and had very little energy. Several months into my program I am less tired and more “awake” during the day. My thought process is also clearer.”
- KD
“Before coming in to see Dr. Doug my eyes were irritated, itchy and tired all the time. They were so bad it affected my vision. Also before being addressed by NRT I had difficulty sleeping soundly enough or long enough to feel well rested when morning came.
Now my eyes aren’t as red or itchy as they were initially. I feel like this is gradually continuing to improve. My vision has improved and I’m able to see fairly well with the use of two sets of prescription lenses. My sleep is also now sound and restful. “

No longer in hospice care

In the Spring of 2013, I had a lot of tightness in my chest with a lot of coughing. I had pneumonia and was given a Z-pack. When it didn’t resolve, I went back in and I was diagnosed with lung cancer in April 2013. I had my left lung removed and received chemo. Then the cancer came back in the right lung. I was sick, I lost weight and I was despondent after the head of pulmonology at the VA gave me until June of 2014 to live. I’d worked in factories, foundries and warehouses all my life, as well as being a 3 pack/day smoker until 1979 when I quit.

A neighbor recommended Nutrition Response Testing and I came to see Dr. Jenn in March of this year (2014) and began my nutrition program. 4 months later, and 2 months past my prognosis, I don’t feel like I’m even missing a lung, unless I’m highly exerting myself! I even swim in my lake, up to 150 yards at a time. My cough is looser and my breathing is improved some. UPDATE, December 19, 2014: At first I thought this (Nutrition Response Testing) was different; some kind of hocus pocus, but I am doing things that dead people aren’t supposed to do! Swimming lakes, rabbit hunting, etc. I’m 74 years old and I’m in love again too! I am now 6 months past my prognosis; I shouldn’t even be here! I just had a cat scan and I am cancer free! They even kicked me off of hospice care. Now, I’m getting married in a month; amazing!

- ET

I wanted to share this latest little success in my journey as a Nutrition patient. Last week on Monday, I allowed myself to be talked into going to Urgent Care because I was having trouble with chest congestion and coughing fits and not being able to even say two or three words together without running out of breath or having to cough. I didn’t want to have to take too many sick days and was being told I probably needed to be on antibiotics to be at work.

So, I went to urgent care and was prescribed amoxicillin. I came to see Dr. Jenn last Friday for a Nutrition Response Testing consult. She has had me taking an acute dose of Antronex (10 tablets) first thing in the morning and then 5 more as needed. After just two days of doing that, I felt much better than after four days of amoxicillin. I have continued to follow this instruction and continue to significantly improve each day. I am coughing much less, experiencing less drainage/congestion, and can easily carry on a conversation.

Dr. Jenn and Jenn Browner also reassured me that I should always come for an appointment when I am sick because there is help that will truly heal my body. I learned the valuable lesson that I need to be careful not to let myself be talked into doing things that I do not truly believe are best for me.

Thank you all so much for all that you do to promote true healing and recovery. Nutrition Response Testing continues to positively impact the quality of my life in so many ways!

- KW

Asthma Relief

On 9/9/14 I came in for my chiropractic appointment and to put it mildly I was coughing my head off because you see, I have asthma. For whatever reason it had decided to rear its ugly head. I was not sleeping and eating was difficult because my throat was so raw from the cough, that anything I ate would set it off. I had been coughing for nearly two weeks with multiple visits to my MD. More steroids were given. I knew about Nutrition Response Testing because I had seen the video at the office. When I came in for my normal chiropractic visit with Dr. Jenn I felt pretty bad (okay, really bad). I asked her if she thought Nutrition Response Testing could help me. She said she thought it would. I was desperate and totally on board with whatever I needed to do to feel better. Also I had eczema so bad on my hands, they were cracking and painful. Read more »

By 9/11/14 I was scheduled for my first appointment. I was told I needed to eliminate all eggs and soy. So I did. I read labels on all my food (there is so much soy in food). The cough was starting to ease up a week into my supplements. A few appointments later I was told I needed to remove dairy from my diet. I did it and I can really tell you I don’t feel like I’m suffering in any way. Really!

So where am I five weeks later? Well I’m feeling way better! My cough is insignificant now. I have it very, very occasionally, but I’m still healing. My eczema has cleared up on my hands. They don’t hurt, they don’t itch, and they are not cracked. I’m not embarrassed by them anymore. I’m sleeping so GREAT! But the best news of all- I went for a physical last week, I took a breathing test and it was NORMAL! (Woo Hoo!) I also tend to have higher cholesterol. I went back and checked last year’s numbers which were 207. This year was 172! (Woo Hoo again!) My MD said that is the lowest I’ve ever been. In fact all of my numbers for my blood had improved. I was where I was supposed to be. So not only am I getting my lungs on track but also my whole health has improved.

Thank you Dr. Jenn and the whole Nutrition Response Testing team! Truly a team of caring people, who are there to give you advice, share ideas on food with you and cheer you on because they are as excited as I am with my new good health. I have learned so much, I’m so grateful.

Feeling better than I ever have,

– RL

Back in the Game!

I am writing this for my daughter; Eva was in tremendous pain due to tightness and inflammation of her Achilles tendon (Sever’s Disease). The pain prohibited her from playing soccer at her highest level and had daily inflammation she had to deal with. Eva was taking upwards of 8 tablets of 200 mg of ibuprofen a day to help with the inflammation, as well as ice baths, stretching and sleeping with a Strassburg sock. Even with all of these medical interventions, Eva was still experiencing tremendous pain that prohibited her from playing a full game, doing her training runs or training back-to-back days. Read more »

Now Eva is virtually pain free. She is able to train and play at her highest level-even back-to-back nights and games if necessary. Eva’s recovery from strenuous high impact has improved and her Achilles is recovering at the same rate as her other muscles and tendons. Eva no longer needs Motrin before or after activity. Eva no longer sleeps with a Strassburg sock and Eva has been able to add her training runs back into her routine. Her Achilles and calves tire/fatigue at the same rate as her other muscles and tendons. She is able to make cuts and no longer has excruciating pain if her calf/tendon is kicked. She’s thrilled!


“Sleeping like a baby…”

I started a nutrition program in late July of 2014 and was experiencing hot flashes – sometimes 10-20 during the day. At night it was worse. I woke several times a night drenched in sweat. I was not sleeping well at all. Since being on [the] nutrition program it has been a couple of weeks since I’ve had a hot flash. I’m sleeping like a baby and I don’t have to wear “summer clothes” every day. It’s AMAZING!

“I am no longer allergic to cats.”

Before I came in I had a lot of allergies and digestive problems. I have been on an Nutrition Response Testing program for a year and a half now and am no longer lactose intolerant and can eat oatmeal which used to give me all kinds of gas. Last week I spent 6 days at a house pet sitting a dog and two cats. The cats did not cause me any problems. I am no longer allergic to cats. Also this spring when the trees were blooming I was able to leave the windows in the house open whereas before if I did I would get so congested and have trouble breathing.

Menopause Relief

Upon beginning my nutrition program, I had been struggling with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), headaches, fatigue, and menopause symptoms. Now, 5 months in, my energy levels have dramatically increased, my headaches are under control and I have had NO issues with IBS to date. My menopause symptoms are also dramatically improved, to the point where I am managing everything naturally; I am off all of my hormone replacement therapy medication! Usually this time of year (Fall), I am usually taking an over the counter medication for my allergies, and my allergies are much better, even without medications!

Improved Breathing

In the Spring of 2013, I had a lot of tightness in my chest with a lot of coughing. I had pneumonia and was given a Z-pack. When it didn’t resolve, I went back in and I was diagnosed with lung cancer in April 2013. I had a lung removed and received chemo. I was sick, I lost weight and I was despondent, after they gave me until June of 2014 to live.

I came to see Dr. Jenn in March of this year (2014) and began my nutrition program. 4 months later, and 2 months past my prognosis, I don’t feel like I’m even missing a lung, unless I’m highly exerting myself! I even swim in my lake, up to 150 yards at a time. My cough is looser and my breathing is improved some.

Healthy Family, Healthy Life!

Shortly after we were married, my husband started Nutrition Response Testing? with Dr. Jenn. He was skeptical at first about this very different approach to managing your health. He is a generally healthy and active guy but since being on a nutrition program for over a year now, it’s awesome to see how he has really optimized his health. He’s been able to quickly work through any little colds or viruses that have come his way.

I have heard him say on multiple occasions how he just “feels better” overall. His digestive health, energy levels and sleep quality have all greatly improved. He also views food and how it affects our bodies differently than he did before and takes his diet more seriously. Our daughter Harper has been seen by Dr. Jenn since she was only a few days old. She’s now almost a year and half old and it’s amazing to see how she’s thrived! Dr. Jen has helped me tremendously in managing a respiratory virus over the winter and a febrile illness this summer that brought on a skin rash. Her immune system is so strong! She has slept beautifully since she was only 4 days old… a definite parental perk! She has a very broad palate for a small toddler and happily scarfs down vegetables and when she sometimes has to be on a supplement, she even happily takes those!Show More

We are currently expecting baby #2, due at Thanksgiving time. Like many moms will say, pregnancy #2 has been a bit more challenging but Dr. Jenn has really helped me in managing emotional/hormonal swings, digestive issues, a fungal infection and a short respiratory virus. All were very short lived and it’s awesome to feel like everything is really in balance. Having Dr. Jenn check our growing little boy every few weeks and adjusting my vitamins, minerals and fish oil based on baby’s current needs makes me feel confident that our little guy is getting just what he needs.

Throughout both of my pregnancies I have never had to take any of the many things that women usually need during and after pregnancy – pain medication, stool softeners, antibiotics/antifungals, antacids, anything! And not because I’m that tough (I’m really not!) but just because I truly haven’t needed any of it. Being on a nutrition program + chiropractic care has enabled by body to do what it was designed to do- naturally and safely grow, nourish and deliver 1 (soon 2!) beautiful babies.

Knee pain and stiffness resolved; no more dizziness

I have two main areas that I would point to as success and improvement. When I first started Nutrition Response Testing? at Lakeland Chiropractic I didn’t have any severe problems and generally felt good. I had a knee operation in the winter of 2010 and still had stiffness and less than 100% range of mobility in that knee. One day while working out I twisted the opposite knee and wrenched it so badly I was unable to walk on it for the better part of a day or so; having to use crutches to get around. Upon my next regular check up I mentioned that I had twisted my knee and was given a supplement to help with the lingering pain and stiffness. To my surprise not only did it immediately help with the knee that I had recently hurt but the range of motion and stiffness in the knee that I had operated on has also improved.Show More

The second main area that Nutrition Response Testing? has helped me in is periods of brief dizziness that I’ve had off and on over the last 5 years or so. Completely out of the blue I would have episodes of brief dizziness that would come on and go away. These bouts were never so severe that I felt like I’d pass out or lose consciousness but they would leave me feeling unsure if I could remain standing and I would usually sit down until the feeling passed. One morning before coming into my appointment I was cleaning out some old shampoo bottles from the shower and picked up a plastic bottle that had been sitting around mostly empty for quite some time, upon touching it and before I could make it to the trash bin I became so dizzy that I almost passed out. I was so concerned that I contemplated canceling my appointment as I was afraid that if another incident like that took place while driving I might cause an accident.  After a few minutes the feeling subsided and I kept my appointment; upon being seen and without me even mentioning the experience I had that morning Stephanie honed in on the problem; I had a sensitivity to plastics. At that point I told Stephanie the story and it occurred to me that in all the other instances of these dizzy spells I was drinking out of plastic bottles or containers. Needless to say I stay away from as many plastics as I can these days and along with the supplements I take I no longer have had an issue with this problem.

– SK

Increased concentration and energy

Before I came in I was tired, sluggish and couldn’t think or concentrate well and this week I felt clearer, had more energy and am not feeling so sluggish.

– MB

Less bloating; regular bowels; much more energy

Before I came in I suffered from a lot of bloating and constipation and low energy. After only 10 days on supplements I am almost entirely “bloat-free,” have had regular bowel movements daily and am amazed at how much more energy I have. I also have lost 4 pounds!

– MP

No more dizziness

Before I came in I was feeling dizzy and couldn’t seem to lose any weight. Now my dizziness has gone away and I’ve lost some weight.

– GM

Aches and pains relieved; no more migraines and great energy

Before I came in to see Dr. Doug I felt run down; tired all the time. My body felt achy all over. My legs were restless and I had horrible shin splints. I would be anxious, always thinking; my mind would keep me awake at night or even wake me up out of a dead sleep.

After a full year, I’m here to say that I’m in a much better state. My legs don’t hurt at all; my energy level is a lot better than last year. I am sleeping through the night and not feeling anxious like I used to. I rarely get any headaches. I used to get migraines throughout the year. I haven’t had one since I started the program.

– MS

Menopause Symptoms greatly reduced; no more medication needed!

What was it like before you came in to see us?

I was going through menopause. I had difficulty sleeping and very bad night sweats. My doctor had prescribed Gabapentin (for nerve pain). It made me groggy all day and I wasn’t happy in general.

How is it now?

Much better! No more night sweats. I am totally off the prescription. Dr. Jenn also helped me eliminate all sugar substitutes. I am sleeping very well and even my day time “hot flashes” are minimal.

– LM

MS Symptoms resolved; no pain, erratic movements, better sleep

What was it like before you came in to see us?

I had a lot of pain, and jerky legs from what I understand is my MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and it happens daily, mostly at night, making it difficult to sleep. On and off is normal for me and in terms of sleep amount, maybe 5 hours.

How is it now?

Amazing! After 2 weeks I noticed the pain at night was gone and I slept for an amount of time before waking to realize I wasn’t having issues at all. Now 3 weeks into this program, I am not having any pain, jerky legs and sleep sound throughout.

– HJ

Less joint pain, better eyesight

My eyesight was getting worse as I got older and I had joint pain and stiffness, feelings of stress and being overwhelmed by everyday life. The last time I went to have my eyes checked they had improved! My feelings of stress have almost disappeared. I recently had the experience of running out of my supplements and because of weather conditions I wasn’t able to get refills for two weeks. All of my previous symptoms had returned and my vision had worsened. I also have noticed my sugar addiction increases my joint pain and stiffness which lessen when I stop using sugar.

– JJ

 Headaches gone! Able to manage stress.

What was it like before you came in to see us?

Headaches upon waking up after a short night; lack of energy and motivation, feelings of discouragement and feeling stressed out about my un-stressful life.

How is it now?

More energy, happier, less stress and I feel like “I can handle it.” Headaches are gone!

– MS

Regular sleep, bowel elimination and no afternoon crash!

What was it like before you came in to see us?

I was taking multiple synthetic vitamins, digestive issues and had a lack of energy.

How is it now?

I’m taking less synthetic vitamins. I’m not taking fiber anymore and am having regular bowel movements. I am sleeping better, have an increase in energy, I don’t have that midday “blah” anymore and am down to 1 cup of coffee a day when I used to drink around 3-4 cups a day.

– DW

Severe Acid Reflux; now symptom and medication free

I suffered from severe acid reflux and was taking prescribed antacid medication three times a day. Now I am off the medication and no longer have symptoms as long as I strictly adhere to my program.
– GH

No more dizziness; improving health

What was it like before you came in to see us?

My main concerns were with dizziness and leg and muscle pain.

How is it now?

My dizziness is completely gone! The leg and muscle pain is still there but improving. I am feeling much better overall.

– GM

Improved immunity and exercising again

Any exercise or prolonged stress tended to end in me being sick. I often would not be able to “see”/recognize what was happening until I was on the other side of the situation and was just miserable and sick. Now I am still more sensitive to stress and it does affect me physically, but my body can physically handle it and I can pull through it without getting sick. And, more importantly, instead of being trapped and overwhelmed, I recognize what is happening!

– KW

Eczema improving and more energy

Before I came in to see Dr. Doug, I was very run down and tired.  My skin was also broken out as I have had eczema for years.  Now, I feel much better; I’m not as tired and my skin is better.

– MB

Colitis symptoms improved; memory and mental clarity increasing

What was it like before you came in to see us?

Pain everywhere. Ulcerative colitis disease symptoms. Foggy brain. Horrible memory. Used to get about 4 hours of sleep per night and had ZERO energy.

How is it now?

Zero pain! Ulcerative colitis medicines down to 50%. Clear thinking most of the time. Memory improving and getting about 6 hours of sleep a night. Energy level is increasing.

– ST

Headache free and back to living life!

What was it like before you came in to see us?

Bad headaches, feeling lousy and didn’t feel like I was getting enough sleep. This kept me out of hockey because this was the result of a concussion. Exercise bothered me.

How is it now?

I’m off of gluten and my headaches are completely gone. I’m feeling much more energetic. Returned to hockey and exercise does not bother me anymore.

– BH

Less pain and more mobility in my hips and knees

Before I came to see Dr. Jenn for Nutrition Response Testing? I was having joint pain and stiffness especially in my hips and knees. I could hardly bend over and could not sit cross legged on the floor at all.

Now only a little over a month into my program, I can bend over and sit cross legged. Putting socks on is much easier! My pain and stiffness is no where near 100% but in just the short time I’ve noticed much improvement. I’m excited about the future and feeling much better!

– JM

 Pain free and quality sleep

What was it like before you came in to see us?

My health was in a critical stage. Years of unaddressed issues, eating and nutrition. I was in a great deal of pain. My sleep was continually interrupted. Quality of life was diminished.

How is it now?

I am no long critical. I am no longer in pain! There is stability to these improvements-by staying consistent in making recommended changes- that has changed my life!

– KG

Specific nutrition to heal the body

One of my main concerns that caused me to come in was a terrible swollen feeling in my knees. I cannot take synthetic drugs and have learned I must be patient with natural healing. However! After one week of giving my body the nutrients it needed my odd knee infection was already symptom free!

– LK

Hair, skin and muscle tone

I exercise regularly and couldn’t lose the last few pounds in my hips and thighs.  Suddenly my hips and thighs are shrinking and I didn’t come here for weight loss!  I’m not “dieting” in any way.  I’m following what my body is telling me and avoiding the foods I am sensitive to.  I have more energy, I look more fit and toned all over my body and my hair and skin look great!

– SP

More mental clarity!

Before I came in to see Dr. Doug, I was feeling tired, sluggish and couldn’t think or concentrate well. After only one week, I’ve already noticed a difference in that I’m not as sluggish!

– MB

Digestive issues, food cravings resolving; more energy

What was it like before you came in to see us?

When I started coming I was struggling on various levels. I had major issues with burping and heartburn. It seemed I was at the point where I couldn’t eat anything without an uncomfortable sensation. My husband was driven crazy in the evenings by my constant burping. I felt bloated most of the time and generally uncomfortable. I experienced at least two “crashes” every day where all I wanted was FOOD. Usually salty and carb-laden. I was tired all the time and struggled to get out of bed in the morning. I had tried diet after diet and I still struggle with my weight. I run a lot and love to exercise, but something was missing and I felt generally unhealthy.

How is it now?

After my first evaluation I cut a few things from my diet. I also became more cognizant of what I was feeding myself in my diet. Within about 5 weeks the burping and heartburn was almost completely gone! My fatigue had more or less disappeared and I felt in control of my food throughout the day. I experienced far less cravings for unhealthy food and I actually want the “good” stuff now.  Dr. Doug and Jennifer have helped me ease my way out of bad habits and make good choices that make me feel good inside and out. It is continuing to be a journey of self-discovery, but I learn at each step. I was a skeptic at first, but the results are remarkable! I talk about this process with everyone I know! I’ve spent at least 20 years screwing with my body, my metabolism, and my “natural” workings. I love feeling like I am repairing that damage.

– KK

Heartburn and bloating under control, normal bowel movements

Before coming in to the practice I was suffering digestion problems all the time. I would get heartburn from just about everything; sometimes even water would give me heartburn. I also suffered irregular bowel movements. I was either constipated or had very loose stools. I thought this was a pretty normal thing because for as long as I can remember I had been like that. Lastly I struggled with my weight some. I was bloated and could not get to a weight I was happy with.

I am so pleased with where I’m at today and I’m looking forward to continued improvements. It’s only been 6 weeks and my heartburn is gone. I only had 2 bouts of indigestion in the first week of treatment. Now it’s gone and hasn’t returned! My stools are much more normal and consistent and I’ve had very little bloating. I’ve also lost 10 pounds! I feel so much better and plan to stay the course. Thank you Dr. Doug and the staff at Lakeland Chiropractic!

– SG

So many health issues improved!

Before I started Nutrition Response Testing? I had a lot of health issues. I had been on acid reflux meds for years. My cholesterol was high; I had muscular aches and soreness, swelling, anxiety, forgetfulness, fatigue and constipation. I also had allergies and asthma. I feel so much better! I no longer take acid reflux or allergy meds.  My cholesterol meds are reduced by 30 mg.  I do not have muscular aches, soreness and swelling. My anxiety level is greatly reduced. I sleep much better, my digestion no longer constipated. I have lost 32 lbs and am down 4 sizes.

– DM

Back in balance

I could eat hardly anything without belching or bloating. I also couldn’t drink coffee. That was awful!! My periods were all over the place, very irregular, sometimes 7-10 days (or more!) and sometimes twice a month. Now I can eat almost anything and I can drink coffee again! I am so happy! My periods are back to normal, consistent and back to 3-4 days.

– LB

Allergy and asthma relief

“Two and half years ago, I was taking Zyrtec daily, as well as two different inhalers; one a steroid, every day, just to breathe and make it through my day. I thought that the new inhaler was a God-send, because then I didn’t need my rescue inhaler as much. As I began my nutrition program for other, even more immediate issues, I started to need my inhalers less and less. I eventually went through the allergy desensitization work through my program here, and with cleaning up my diet of my food avoidance and refined sugars, I needed my allergy medication less and less as well. Show More

Eventually, my health got to the point where my medications were actually causing stress to my body, especially my heart. Anyone who has taken these medications knows that shaky, awful feeling. With Dr. Jenn and Dr. Doug’s help, I was able to slowly wean off all my medications for my allergies and asthma and I haven’t taken them for over a year and half now-even during allergy seasons! You could never have told me that I wouldn’t be on a drug for the rest of my life for my lifelong (40 years!) asthma, but it’s true. With the whole food supplements and sometimes some herbal and homeopathic remedies, I am managing my occasional allergy symptoms and I wouldn’t even classify myself as asthmatic anymore! This work (and how it works with the innate intelligence of the human body) is nothing short of amazing!”

-Patient Advocate at Lakeland Chiropractic, Jennifer Browner

Stomach pain, bloating, constipation, tired and depressed.

What was it like before you came in to see us?
I was dealing with constant stomach pain, bloating and constipation as well as being constantly hungry. I was also feeling tired and depressed.

How is it now?
Now I’m bloated much less and have regular eliminations. Since eating better foods I’m noticing that I’m not constantly hungry anymore. I’m often feeling less tired and less depressed.

– DT

Reduced cholesterol, better blood pressure, lost weight and more energy

I was overweight and had several medical problems such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Also I had problems sleeping and frequent trips to the bathroom during the night. I now sleep better, only getting up once per night. My cholesterol is better and I’ve reduced my medication from 40 mg to 20 mg. Blood pressure is under control and I’ve lost 15 lbs and have more energy.

– GL

Severe fatigue; more energy and enthusiasm

Before I began my nutrition program,  I was very fatigued, tired all the time and I slept 10-12 hours a night. Overall I didn’t ever feel like doing much of anything. Now I have more energy and am not falling asleep so early at night and I am able to get up earlier in the morning. I’m feeling better, more positive and upbeat.

– SP

Improved diet, more energy, weight loss

I started Nutrition Response Testing? because of encouragement from my husband as he was having great success.  I was tired, achy, overweight and dealing with a Diet Coke addiction.  In just a short time (1.5 months), I’ve lost over 10 pounds, only have an occasional Diet Coke (maybe 1 a week) and I feel better rested and more energetic.  I’m looking forward to continued improvement and feel much more confident that I will finally reach my goals.

– PK

Heartburn Eliminated

Heartburn was an almost everyday occurrence, especially if I went too long between meals. If I became nervous or anxious, I would also get heartburn. Since I have been on my Nutrition Response Testing? program under Dr. Doug, I no longer have heartburn at all-even if my meals are far apart or I’m nervous or anxious; no more heartburn!

– LB

Colitis under control!

What was it like before you came in to see us?

Before seeing Dr. Jenn a year ago, I had been diagnosed with colitis and had diarrhea “attacks” frequently. I spent years being nervous about riding in a car with anyone but my husband as I needed to very suddenly get to a bathroom often. I knew the location of every restroom in every store I frequented. I would not go on long walks or go anywhere where I did not have quick access to a bathroom. I was afraid to eat or drink while on trips or shopping or things of that nature as it might cause an “attack”.

How is it now?

Just recently I took some of my children to the March for Life in Washington, DC and spent 2 days walking around and touring the city. I rarely have these sudden attacks anymore. We were out in the city for hours and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I would not have even considered this trip just 1 year ago. We carried our lunch and snacks and ate and enjoyed! I so appreciate being able to get out and enjoy events like this with my children. I didn’t realize how much I was being held back by a condition that was controlling me. I have learned so much and now I’m in control! It’s a good feeling. Thanks Dr. Jenn!

– SK

Getting that spark back with good health

What was it like before you came in to see us?

I had major fatigue-could never get enough sleep; 10-12 hours a night, plus naps. My skin was dry and itchy as was my hair. I also was dealing with alternating constipation and diarrhea. I had sinus headaches with weather changes. I was also cranky and moody with high anxiety.

How is it now?

I now feel full of energy-no more need for daily naps. My skin color is back and it’s no longer itchy. My nails and hair are both thicker and growing longer. I don’t have my belly bloat and gas any more either. I feel totally different; no longer cranky and constantly groggy. My family and friends have noticed a change in me stating that I have my “spark” back. I also have not taken over the counter sinus headache meds in months as the change in weather/temperature no longer cause major headaches for me. I have also learned so much about my diet choices and how it affects my body. Dr. Jenn and Jennifer are so unbelievably helpful and encouraging without overwhelming you.

– AV


What was it like before you came in to see us?

I’m a 52 yr white male, and have been blessed as I have traveled to 40 some countries. Over the last 30 yrs I was first diagnosed with Crohns disease, and 15 yrs ago with diverticulitis and irritable bowel syndrome. Recently over 8 months I gradually lost 48 lbs., had abdominal pain, flu like symptoms, insomnia and a total lack of energy. I went to urgent care and was put on Z-pack antibiotic. After a month of these same symptoms I went back as I thought I was dying and had pneumonia as I was up every night coughing up clear phlegm. They did a chest x-ray which came back clear and they thought this was a flare up of my irritable syndrome or diverticulitis.

How is it now?

I knew something was not right with my body, and did a nutritional study with Dr. Doug Schultz. I came in on a Monday and by Wednesday I was given results. I was told my body was stressed by a parasitic challenge and my body was a host. At first I was scared, later in the day I was very relieved as many days I’ve stayed in hospital with no fix. I started taking the natural supplements and within 7 days I started passing these parasites. Yes it was very gross and yeah I took pictures, but I was very happy to know these things that have been feeding on me were finally being killed and passing through my stool. It’s been only 2 months now and I have no insomnia, my energy level has increased by at least 50% and I have put back on 15 lbs. I can’t say enough of what Dr. Doug and Jenn his assistant have done. The third week they discovered a smaller parasitic challenge and I am taking a supplement to help with that. Remember you don’t have to travel outside of the USA like I have to become a host. Google human parasites. I can’t express in words what Dr. Doug has done for me. Within 3 weeks, family, friends and co workers noticed a change of flesh tone, weight gain, and clearer eyes and not as irritable!!!!!

– DG

Safe and healthy pregnancy for mom and baby

What was it like before you came in to see us?

There are many “symptoms” of pregnancy that are considered completely normal by most literature out there. Constipation, back and neck pain, heartburn, leg cramps, headaches, mood problems, even depression and blues.

How is it now?

Dr. Jenn has helped me through nutritional management of my diet and supplement regimen and some chiropractic work to manage and eliminate all of these supposedly “normal” symptoms. My fatigue has been manageable, my sleep more restful and my digestive symptoms eliminated. I have been able to continue working full time and keep up an exercise regimen throughout my pregnancy because I have felt so well. At the very beginning I had about 3 weeks of nausea and Dr. Jenn helped me add nutrition to my smoothies (the only thing I could stomach) so that my baby was still getting all the protein, vitamins and minerals she needed in the early weeks of her development. I feel so good as a mom knowing that even before my baby is born I’m doing everything I can for her health.

Tiredness, Bloated and Hives Skin

Before I came in I was tired, bloated and my skin was full of hives. My bowel movements were also sporadic. Now, after only a few weeks on the program, my skin is noticeably different and also I am not as bloated as I was.

– KP

Lack of Energy

What was it like before?

I was overweight, tired, had no “get up and go”, and just pretty much felt like a couch potato and I that I was just wasting my life.

How is it now?

I’ve lost close to 40 lbs. and I seem to have more energy. I am starting to work on getting my muscles toned up to try and look my best which leads to feeling better overall.

– MM

Improved Overall Health

How was it before?

I felt tired, sluggish, bloated at times along with fatigue. I also was experiencing a variety of joint pain (knees, elbows, wrists), primarily due to on the job situations as I’m a painter.

How is it now?

I have lost more than 13 pounds. I am experiencing more energy, less to no joint pain and just an overall feeling better. My wife has also joined me in this new overall lifestyle change and it has made it easier and more enjoyable for both of us. We have become accountability partners and find we are of the same mindset. So far so good! We look forward to improved overall health. Be healthy!

– DK

My Ganglion Cyst Is Gone Without Surgery

What was it like before you came in to see us?

I had a ganglion cyst on the top of my wrist and I was scheduled for surgery.

How is it now?

It is gone! Between proper supplements, nutrition and chiropractic care, I can freely move my wrist and the cyst is gone.

– CK

Sleep Problem Gone!

Before I came into the Nutrition clinic, I was moody, depressed, anxious, couldn’t keep weight on along with a lack of appetite. I also had trouble sleeping. Now when things get me down, my head seems clearer and I am able to concentrate on the problem to solve it more calmly. I’m no longer waking up in the middle of the night wide awake, my appetite is back and I’m craving less junk food and more whole foods.

– CD

Relief from Severe Headaches

Before I came in to see Dr. Jenn I was very stressed and tired. Bowel movements were a problem for me and I always had a cold or a headache. My biggest issue was my severe headaches that had come on since my brain aneurysm. Now, it seems like everyone around me is always sick (and I used to be too!), but now I am hardly ever down. I don’t have any problems sleeping, I am eating healthier, my bowel movements are regular, and I am happier overall. My headaches are so much better; I hardly have any!

– BO

Losing Hair, Leg Cramps, Heart Burn and Sugar Cravings

My hair is thin and fine, I was losing quite a bit more than usual; I had leg cramps every other week and they would ache a lot. My heartburn was so bad that I had chest pain and pain under my breasts almost constantly. My sugar cravings were an everyday event. After just one month working with Dr. Doug with this program, my heartburn and the pain in my chest were minimal. There is no pain under my breasts at all anymore. My leg cramps are gone. At 3 months on the program, my nails are stronger, my hair loss has actually stopped and my hair looks healthier! My sugar cravings have decreased. I feel fuller quicker now where I would have eaten more before. My energy level has increased dramatically since starting this program. I’m still working on my weight but I feel so much better. My body doesn’t have the aches and pains I had when I first started.

– MS

Carpal Tunnel Symptoms

Before starting this program with Dr. Jenn, I had carpal tunnel symptoms in both arms/wrists/hands making it very difficult to drive, type, and grip things tightly. My general practitioner told me it was affecting me enough that I should see a specialist and look at the options of cortisone injections or surgery. Now, I’m not having my hands get tingly or hurting at all. Driving is not a problem anymore. My grip is getting stronger all the time.

– KW

Healthy Through Diet and Exercise

I thought I was just feeling life after menopause, wondering what I could find to feel better and to sleep better. Now, I realize that what I eat and drink really affects how I feel. I am renewing an interest in my own health through diet and exercise. Thanks to the nutrition knowledge passed on through Dr. Doug and the clinic!

– BH

Couldn’t Breath and No Energy

What was it like before you came in to see us?

I felt terrible; I could not breathe, had no energy and felt down.

How is it now?

I can now breathe from my diaphragm and I have much more energy! I feel alive again.

– NA

Relief from Various Illnesses

Before I came in the Nutrition Clinic, I had frequent loose stools, indigestion and bloating, strong sugar cravings and almost constant canker sores. Now, only a few months later, my stools have more form to them, and my bloating is gone. My sugar cravings are also gone and I have no more canker sores!

– JB

Regulated My Son’s Sugar Levels

My son has had type 1 Diabetes for 9 years. For about the last 2-3 years, his blood sugar numbers were all over and hard to consistently control. We were nervous about entering into his teen years knowing that this part of his life would cause his blood sugar numbers to be even more out of whack. His skin was always very dry and scabby from being itched and scratched. In the winter, the bottoms of his feet would have large, painful splits that never seemed to completely heal. After seeing Dr. Jenn for less than a year, the improvements are absolutely amazing!Show More

His blood sugar numbers are in control with very few highs and lows. He is using less insulin with better results. He is happier, his skin has cleared up and he seems to have more energy than I’ve seen in him since he was a toddler. He has become interested in the food that he eats and has a great base knowledge of healthy foods! He has definitely made the connection between the foods that he eats and how he feels, physically and emotionally. Every 3 months, he sees his endocrinologist and has a diabetes “check up”, with his A1C (blood glucose levels over several months) taken. Since seeing Dr. Jenn, his A1C has lowered 3 points and is exactly where it should be for his age. At the same time, he’s using less insulin. His endo doctor was so surprised at this! We weren’t. We knew!

– SK

Sinus Relief

Every Spring and Summer I would need to depend on sinus medication. Now, I haven’t needed any this year because of better nutrition, the supplements and Dr. Jenn’s and Jennifer’s guidance.

– CK

Diarrhea For Almost 3 Months

I experienced diarrhea for almost three months with multiple watery stools every day. I always had to know where a bathroom was. Parasites was the priority in my initial treatment. Now, I have 2-4 stools per day that are formed in consistency and do not interfere with my life.

– BC

Drastic Change

Before I came in to see Dr. Doug, I felt absolutely awful. I couldn’t see straight, think properly and I was always fatigued. I felt like I had just given up on the world. Now, I feel fantastic! I can think, see better and I have an incredible amount of energy. This made a drastic change in the best of ways.

– TC

Loose Bowel Movements, Indigestion and Sleep Issues

Before I came in, I had very loose bowel movements, indigestion and sleep issues. After only a few weeks on a program with Dr. Jenn, my indigestion is totally gone, my sleep issues have improved greatly, and the bowel movements are more normal and firm.

– JB

Nutrition Response Testing® Reduced My Weight And Cholesterol

Before I started Nutrition Response Testing?, I weighed 250 lbs, I was on 2 blood pressure medications, cholesterol medication (40 mg.) and I could not sleep through the night. I would wake up every hour 6-8 times a night. After 3 months of Nutrition Response Testing?, I have lost 25 lbs., I am on only 1 medication for blood pressure and have reduced my cholesterol med down to 20 mg. with plans to be off all medications soon. I am only getting up 1-2 times a night and I am sleeping much sounder. I feel great and have a lot more energy.

– GL

I Feel Great!

I was getting heart burn all the time, every night. I also had very bad itching of my skin, and couldn’t get rid of it. It was really bothering me and I was very uncomfortable. I also wasn’t sleeping well, didn’t have much energy and needed to lose weight. Now, I feel GREAT. Unbelievable how much of a difference there is. I have no more heartburn or itching, and I have lost 12 pounds. This is the best I have felt in many years. Thank you Dr. Doug and Jenn. I recommend this program to anyone who is feeling not real well or wants to make some change in life.

– GC

Tingling in Foot

I was concerned about some neurological issues; some weakness on my left side that I’d been experiencing for years, on and off. I have not noticed the weakness in a couple of months and some tingling in my left foot has almost disappeared. I never had terrible allergies but experienced erratic allergy symptoms due to seasonal pollens, etc. I don’t think I have had even one allergic attack in a couple of months since seeing Dr. Jenn. Additionally, I have noticed that my hair which normally comes out a lot after I have a baby, and then tapers off some after that, but still an issue; I noticed that now, when I shower, I may have one or two come off my head and I’ve noticed that in just about the last month.

– KM

Weight Loss and More Energy

Before I came in to see you I was overweight, had a lack of energy, lots of aches and pains and had a poor diet. Now, after about 4-5 months, I have lost 20 lbs and 4 inches off my waist. I exercise some every day and my fasting glucose is now in the 80s (I am